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You are one of the space soldiers fighting against bad aliens, but your spaceship has been damaged!

Collect broken pieces of special metals that were scattered all around so that you can patch up the ship's holes while dodging meteorites from space and aliens.
You can also tap on the aliens a few times to destroy them and get their ship's metals.
In Gun Mode, you won't be able to tap on them, but you can tap on your ship to shoot condensed energy!

In order to close the ship's gaping holes, you need the metal sizes to fit (space metals are extra strong!).
That is, matching them with the "goal". Everytime you reach a goal, the speed increases!

Also, keep in mind that there is a space storm brewing. Every 30 seconds, the movements in space become stronger and faster!

You will have to start with the smaller holes first, and then move on to the larger ones.


In this mode, every piece of metal that you catch will be added to your box (For "Ship Patching" purposes) and their size (Shown below your health and current goal) is automatically increased everytime you catch another piece.

For example:

- You currently have size 7 metal piece and then you caught a size 3 metal piece, it will automatically become size 10.

- Unless you caught a operational symbol before the size 3 metal. If you had size 7, and an operational symbol of Multiplication "X", it will become size 21 instead after catching the size 3.


A.k.a. Hard Mode.
You will need advanced brain thinking for this!

Each metal piece you catch will be inserted into the right side of the current number!

For example:

- You currently have 7 in your box.

- And then you caught a 2.

- It will become 72 (The number 2 was added to the right).

- And now you see 8 speeding down, you caught it and it kicked the 7 away! It became 28! It was attached to the right!


The hardest mode.
You are in the middle of the enemy alien's headquarters and every space metal that has been flying around is already taken by them!
You will only be able to acquire space metals by destroying their spaceships.. but you can't tap on them anymore!
Thankfully, you now have your Space Gun available to shoot them (and the fireballs) down!

But OFCOURSE! There will be twists!

It's the presence of Operational Symbols!

The addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division symbols are here to make your life easier (or much much harder..) so keep your eyes out for them!
Don't worry if you got confused, you might understand better once you try it.

Goodluck, Space Soldier!

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