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Do you want to be a pro in a pubg game? And always get first place? This app is specially designed for you!

Our main goal is to make you to won in every game and to achieve this end we have programmed and design tools to help you harvest the first place continuously!

By using the tools that we will give you through this app, you will be able to see all your enemies in the game by a column that appears above each player you can see from a distance! , As you will have blood twice as strong as the blood of others in the game! .
You can also through our tools make the car float on the water and drive in the water !! , And many other unique features that will elevate the your RB (level) in your game to the highest levels in as little time as possible! .

Steps to get these tools
1) Install the PUBG Hack application
2) Turn it on and click on watch ad button
3) Collect 20 coins from your ads
4) Put any valid email for you
5) Click Submit
6) Check your inbox
7) Every weekend come and check if there is a new update to our tools

Note: All new updates include the prevoius fetures and the new fetures like: hidden you in play and made you fly in the air and more! Every update will arrive every Friday.

To get safety we will not ask you for any password or personal information except your email, to send you our tools as a message for your email

Who are we, and how do we work?
We are a hacker team gaming from many countries and everyday try to find new exploits and new hack way for games like: PUBG,FORTNITE,FREE FIRE, and more.
we will give you in every friday a new way to hack pubg game.
we are looking throughout the day for any new way by searchin in more five language un the world to give you in the weekend a best way to hack pubg game.
we will make programing edit some tools to get more performance in playing and add more and more features in everyweek.

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