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The story of Hello Secret Neighbor horror game starts very bright and promising: our protagonist becomes a witness of some dark act, which his evil neighbor is involved in. If you omit the logic and don’t call the police, the situation develops in a quite intriguing way: in this indie horror game, you make your way into someone else's house to find out what the potential criminal is hiding in his basement.

But later the plot turns into a surrealistic indie game knot, untangling which is an exceptional fun for lovers of intricate, complicated stories. Each new level is the protagonist’s next infiltration of his evil neighbor’s improved residence. When and how did he manage to fence himself off from the world with a tall wall, or build a branched network of barbed wire around his castle? These are the big questions. Why do we keep sneaking into these architectural creations time after time? What are we looking for and what did our mustached villain do after all? The indie horror game gives excellent reasons for speculation.

Do not expect the ending of this indie horror game to put everything in its place. First of all, it is too sudden (the game takes about 4 hours to complete) and furthermore - it only deepens the misunderstanding of plot. This mysterious complicated horror story is incredibly interesting.

Hello Secret Neighbor indie horror game features:
- Bright and memorable locations and characters Scary neighbor
- A smart comic story about an evil neighbor
- Unexpected outcomes of the player's actions Who’s your neighbor
- Atmosphere filled with anticipation of being caught by antagonist - at its best!
- Many options for actions in the neighbor's yard and house

Outsmart the artificial intelligence with your decisions in Hello Secret Neighbor - a great game.

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