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Indonesia School Simulator 3D is an anime style school simulator based on the schools of Indonesia.
At the beginning of the game you will have your own house, your car and the opportunity to study in this anime school.
Enter the life of a student, walk the halls of this school, interact with the various students, drive a car, perform various academic activities and have fun.
There are also other different buildings, such as supermarket, bus station, airport, amusement park and so on.
Explore them and interact with them, you will find more fun.

In this game, you can experience different kinds of activities, such as :
- Cooking
to win heart of your anime girlfriend, you'll have to cook food for her, by using recipes and combining various food ingredients.
- Cosplay and customization
you can dress your character and your girlfriend using different clothes and accessories.
- Shopping
you can buy clothes, accessories, food, snacks, toys as you like.
- Dating
you can go on visual novel-style dates with your girlfriend, or by choosing one of alternative dating activities.

You also can dress up as a pupil, and even can go to kindergarten.

In a word, you can experience anything you want in this school simulator game.

Indonesia School Simulator 3D Features:

- Large map based on a real school to explore.
- Various Characters.
- Character customization.
- Various hair, clothes and hats.
- Many missions to perform.
- Many places to explore.
- Driving vehicles.
- Interaction with other characters.
- Anime style graphics.
- Pets to interact with.
- Mysteries to solve.

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