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SK LEGEND 2 - Cambodia's top aristocratic sword game with a standard graphic legacy of aristocratic swords is a combination of original and current values. Owned great gameplay. Create a character with the standard look of a noble sword, appear in the battle of the powerful Song + Jin and the top PK game set and rich animal system. All will appear in the battle of the martial arts world. Fight immediately!
***** Features *****
1. Regular Play Up VIP - VIP unlimited time
Become a VIP without having to top up with mission features to earn VIP points immediately. Especially! VIP levels are always VIP with no limits.

2. Rich rewards - full of gifts
The gift system includes a wide range of gifts such as: access to games, gifts for new players…, and special items for SK Legend 2 gamers. Instantly enter "SKLEGEND2" to get a valuable experience package.

3. Beautiful accessories - rich vehicles
Demonstrates its own features with a wide range of accessories and accessories, as well as new weapons.

Beautiful effects that feature a lot of characters and also confirm: will be an integral part of the journey to become the master of martial arts of SK Legend 2.

4. Hall of Fame - PK Demonstrates Personal Ability
Features 1vs1 game with a big gift for the brave to win. Unlimited freedom of competition shows its ability and level of popularity. Are the names of the brave in the rankings? Join the game immediately!

5. Territorial competition - control the world of martial arts

Join the party members to take advantage of SK Legend 2 and reminisce about the battle of victory - transporting luggage and other party activities. Let's travel together in unity, fighting, aristocratic sword games.

6. Battle of Song Jin - Battle of the Piles of Fire
Battle of Song Jin - A arena where world champions and friends or party teams compete in martial arts to capture the world of martial arts. The Battle of Sungjin is one of the most fascinating arenas.

7. Unparalleled competition - take over the world of martial arts
Neak Khla competes for place in the list by competing against each other or by party. Who will be the strongest? Prove your ability to be ready to take control of the martial arts world and create a surprise at SK Legend 2 now.

Take a look at the rich legacy and development of the world's top MMORPG series with the rich PVP & PVE features - the freedom to experience. Download SK Legend 2 immediately for an engaging experience.

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