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- Battle rivals with the ultimate display of soccer skills in this exciting game
- Trick-stick weapon with full arsenal of tricks including new juggling moves
- 320+ pro stars representing 20 national teams; 24 stars with signature moves
- Customize unique player and teams; build home turf with Pitch Creator
- Team up with friends in 3-player Co-op mode
- Incredible all-new tricks -- the Trick Stick allows you to win a game like never before
- Compete against the very best the streets have to offer, by making over the top moves
- Travel around the world to play, from the famous Westway Leisure Centre in London to the beautiful beachside of Brazil

Rivals with the ultimate display of soccer skills in Soccer Skills. Your arsenal of tricks features more reputation-destroying moves to help you obliterate the competition, dominate Skills Battles, and trigger Multiplier Trick moments. Your skill with the Trick Stick determines your survival as you compete against the very best the streets have to offer in Soccer Skills. Let loose in one-on-one Skills Battles where both the attacking and defending player use the Trick Stick to counteract each other?s tricks for ultimate bragging rights. Soccer Skills features more than 320 pro superstars representing 20 national teams, plus a deeper selection of street masters that refl ect the individual culture and style of soccer from their respective part of the world.

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