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Vive le Football is a football game developed by NetEase and licensed by FIFPro. Equipped with the Messiah next-generation engine, it is committed to providing players with an excellent realistic football control experience. Intelligent AI, accurate and flexible movement and tactical simulation will bring you to the real football world. The innovative gameplay and re-enactment of the real football league mode can let you create your own legend. The open lobby and streetball battles allow players to immerse themselves in the charms of the green field.

◆Next-generation engine connected to intelligent AI◆

A high-quality soccer game developed using Messiah's next-generation engine. Mature detail rendering brings you an ultra-realistic and smooth football experience. Intelligent AI moves to create and restore the real football world.

◆Authentic authorization of FIFPro and Giants Club◆

With the official authorization of FIFPro, you will have the opportunity to get your favorite players in Vive le Football. In addition, you can build your own powerful team!

◆Re-enactment of real league mode◆

The diverse gameplay of League Road, Ranking and Story Mode meets the needs of different players. Whether you want to challenge AI with different difficulties in the league to win the cup, or hope to compete with other players in the qualifying match, or join in Classic battles that look back on history in the game, the variety of gameplay of Vive le Football can bring you different gaming experiences.

◆Original 3V3 streetball real competition◆

In addition to the traditional PVP/PVE modes, Vive le Football also adds a brand-new street football 3v3 gameplay. In this mode, players only need to control one player and team up with two other teammates to show various fancy moves to win the game. No matter where you are, the relaxing streetball mode allows you to quickly complete a game smoothly.

◆Luxury 3D Club Lobby◆

Having your own football club allows players to move around freely in the 3D lobby, and have conversations with many NPCs to discover more ways of playing. Players can also DIY the hall to create a club hall of their own style.

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