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Established in the year 2016, with a basic principle of committing and serving purest and healthiest quality products in the interest of the common man.

Aphra began its journey by operating in one of the most essential and nutritious aspect of our daily diet – A2 Cow Milk, A2 Cow Ghee and other Agro and Dairy products.

Today, the global trend for organic food, as well as A2 cow milk, has been bolstered by the growing number of health-conscious people. This is due to a growing awareness of the health benefits of A2 milk, which include boosting immunity, increasing metabolic rate, and improves brain health. However, because the production of this healthy and delicious A2 milk from Indian cow breed is considerably lower than that of other cow breeds, the availability of A2 cow milk is limited. Furthermore, it is observed that this milk has been procured at a higher rate. There is a crying need of best quality A2 milk from indigenous cattle breed in the market. At Aphra, we want to make pure A2 milk available in abundance from Indian Cow Breeds by producing and conserving cows that are of Indian breed.

Over the years, international markets such as Brazil and Australia have made efforts to persuade their local communities with the importance of Indian cow milk. These markets have cultivated Indian Gir cows in their countries to provide nutritional value to their people due to increased demand for Indian cow milk. Aphra aims to bring awareness among Indian citizens, by breeding Indian cows and explaining them the benefits of consuming A2 Milk and its by products for their personal well-being.

With this vision in mind, Aphra had a tie-up with ‘Govidyapeetham’ – a farm in Karjat which is brainchild of Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi (M.D. Medicine – Consulting Rheumatologist) – also known as Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu worldwide. ‘Govidyapeetham’ is situated on a 16 acres of land at Kothimbe village in Karjat, Raigad District. Here, under the guidance of Dr. Aniruddha, Cow’s milk, ghee, cow’s urine, and other produces from Indian Gir cows are studied and examined positively with its benefits on mankind using Modern Science.

Dr. Joshi’s Mega Health Lecture in 2014 is an inspiration for many. He envisioned making people understand the significance of Self Health with coherent thinking and the approaches to stay healthy in the least complex and ideal manner in our daily lives. He believes “Everything CAN BE REPAIRED” by having right eating habits.

Hence Aphra aims to be a producer and exporter of healthiest food basket in Dairy, Agro products, and health supplements category with a vision to provide quality eating habits in every household.

In the editorials of daily newspaper – Pratyaksha, Dr. Aniruddha described “Ancient Goddess – Aphrodite” known in Greek Mythology as a “Symbol of Love”. Therefore, expressing the significance of unconditional love, we introduced the pure and quality products in the name of Aphrodite as “Aphra”.

As Aphra is connected to the symbol of love, you choosing Aphra in daily routine will be an active participation in our mission to spread love, bring health, happiness, and true well-being to you.

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