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Looking for a funny and relaxing brain-teasing logic puzzle game? Welcome to Blossom Sort - Mind-Bending Flowers Logic Puzzle! Flex your mental muscles in challenging brain teasers and captivating sorting games. This addictive mind riddle flower game will put your logical reasoning skills to the test!

How to Play:
Unleash your inner florist and use strategic thinking to solve mind-twisting puzzles by categorizing and merging flowers in this flower game. Combine 3 blossoms of the same color while exercising your brain to create eye-catching bouquets..
Sharpen your skills in sorting games, arranging blossoms through levels that test your logic and focus.

Game Features:
Experience the charm of flower game puzzles with Blossom Sort's various sorting games levels. Delight in the vibrant graphics as you navigate more complex puzzles, energized by enchanting blossoms and helpful power-ups.
Blossom, blossom, blossom! Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of flowers, where you'll savor the joy of blooming with vivid petals and delicate blossoms. The exquisite flowers will make you feel like a master florist, while the challenging flower game puzzles will test your brainpower in sorting games.
Unwind and relax as you witness the mesmerizing transformation of blooming flowers. The stunning blossom graphics and vibrant colors of Blossom Sort are sure to uplift your spirits and provide a soothing flower game experience that will help you de-stress and unwind in sorting games.
Ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in this flower game? Blossom Sort provides the ultimate sorting games challenge for fans of puzzle games, brain teasers, and flower games alike. With its addictive gameplay, intriguing puzzles, and breathtaking blossom visuals, this flower game promises hours of entertainment.
In the latest version, even if users uninstall and reinstall this flower game on their phones, their current progress will still be retained. We've added a data deletion feature in the settings on the main page, allowing users to clear data without needing to uninstall.

✨New Features: Flowers Room Design✨
Personalized Design Choices
Blossom Sort provides abundant custom color and style options for you to decorate your dream flowers room! Mix and match to create your ideal blossom aesthetic.
Complete Customization
Select preferred colors and styles for every object as you fashion rooms for your blossom taste in flower games. Our simulator allows full interior and exterior decoration - tailor everything floor to ceiling and wall to wall in this flower game!
Fashionable Furnishings
Peruse our extensive furniture and flower collection showcasing styles from classical to contemporary in flower games. Fashionably furnish rooms with your favorite blossom pieces!
Save & Inspire
Capture photos of your designs in flower game to accumulate exceptional ideas. With limitless customizability, save distinct looks for unlimited inspiration while enjoying sorting games!

Don't wait! Download Blossom Sort now and indulge in the ultimate flower puzzle game experience. With its captivating puzzles of sorting games, dazzling graphics of flowers, and addictive gameplay, Blossom Sort is destined to become your new favorite brainteaser game.

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