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Oh no! Some animals aren't feeling well.
They need help at the animal hospital!
Help dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, and lizards with veterinarian Coco and veterinary technician Lobi.

■ 7 Veterinary Care
-Cold: The dog has a fever and a runny nose. Clean the nose!
-Injury: The cat has a big wound. Clean the wound and prevent bacterial infection.
-Heatstroke: The lizard fainted from the heat! Let's cool down its body.
-Eye Infection: The cat's eyes are swollen. The cat can't open its eyes. Let's clean the eyes.
-Ear infection: The dog's ears are dirty. Clean the ears and check for bacteria!
-Teeth Infection: The cat has bad breath! Let's clean and brush the cat's teeth.
-Skin Infection: The rabbit is feeling uncomfortable. Treat the skin infection and play with the rabbit!

■ The Animals Need Emergency Surgery
-Broken Bone: The dog broke its leg! Align the broken bones and wrap in bandage.
-Baby: Help the mommy parrot lay eggs!
-Stomach: The dog swallowed a toy! Retrieve the toy from the stomach.

■ Animal Care Hotel
-Decorate: Decorate rooms for the animals and serve them their favorite meals.
-Bath: Bath the animals and take care of their paws and nails.
-Bedtime: The animals are sleepy after eating snacks. Pet them and help them sleep.

■ About Kigle
Kigle's mission is to create the 'first playground for children all over the world' with creative content for children. We make interactive apps, videos, songs, and toys to spark children's creativity, imagination, and curiosity. In addition to our Cocobi apps, you can download and play other popular games such as Pororo, Tayo, and Robocar Poli.

■ Welcome to the Cocobi universe, where dinosaurs never became extinct! Cocobi is the fun compound name for brave Coco and cute Lobi! Play with the little dinosaurs and experience the world with various jobs, duties, and places.

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