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" Ugh.. where is this... hell..?! "


fell into hell due to a sudden accident
Raise your main character!

The lovely princess I met in hell
To win a heart, he's the best in hell
I'm trying to become a tycoon!

◈ Adding extra time to an idle clicker?! ◈

Something that has not been easily seen in the mobile market so far,
Immerse yourself in the first idle + unattended game!
The connection between the money-making system and the heroine is
As a closely interacting system
Two types of growth fun in one game
You can all feel it!

◈ From part-time worker to businessman with just one finger! ◈

With just one finger from you, he
Working part-time, selling bungeoppang,
You can become a businessman!
From a poor part-time worker to a street vendor to a tycoon!
Experience the fun of growing!

◈ Dynamic play that isn't boring! ◈

Boredly looking at the screen,
Forget about all other raising games!
Physical strength, product production, interactive stages,
With a conglomerate ranking system between users
Just like life, there is no time to be bored.
Provides dynamic play!

◈ Exciting conversation with a full-voiced heroine! ◈

[Growing Hell's Part-Time Job]
Truly rare on mobile,
All lines are not equipped with full voice!
The heroine, Princess of Hell, Princess Kim
Listening to your lovely voice
Let's talk together!
(CV. Duni voice actor)


Help the main character who is in love right now,
Please make me the best conglomerate in hell!

Win the heart of heroine Princess Kim
Collect all endings!

Compete for your fortune with other users
Climb to the throne of the conglomerate rankings!

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