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Only Spark is an app for finding the right people.
Interested in a serious relationship? Come join us! Everyone loves having that one close friend. With Only Spark, you can choose the partner who's right for you. Coupling up is easy. Our service lets you meet people online for free. Interested in a particular guy or girl? Like their profile, and if the feeling is mutual, you can start a chat, talk a little, and arrange a meetup. That might be the date that makes you the happiest person in the world, because we can help you find love, and maybe even start a family.

We know that not everybody is looking for a serious relationship right this minute. Only Spark also offers lots of other options for meeting people. Making friends can be hard, because life today is so busy there's never a chance to really get to know somebody you like. With our app, you can find friends who share your interests, people who think like you, people who will climb the Himalayas with you. Social media lets us meet new people and make friends online. Let's put it to use! Genuine interactions with interesting people will make anything you do more fun. And there's always the chance your friendship will grow into something bigger and even more meaningful.

Not enough color in your life? Start talking with a cute guy or intriguing girl. What will it lead to? A single date? A strong, lasting relationship? Or could this be your chance to find the person you want to marry? Only you can decide. And Only Spark app will help you do it.

Finding a partner has gotten so much easier! We know people can get tired of constant electronic messages. Maybe you're eager for some live interaction: an evening at an awesome bar, a movie, or dancing till you drop with somebody who really understands you. We make it easy for singles to meet people nearby and start going on dates. The app will help you find people where you are, so you won't have to spend your time on long-distance trips. Maybe the person you're looking for is
already within reach, and a couple clicks will be enough to plan a coffee date near you.

This is good news for people who feel awkward striking up a random conversation out on the town or at an office party - and there are plenty of people like us! But maybe there just aren't any good relationship candidates among the people you already know. It is your chance to meet someone entirely new, different from everybody else.

Dating sites are a thing of the past. Now we do everything in apps. Meeting people in Only Spark is super simple - filling out your info literally takes two minutes, and you can chat right away with anyone who catches your eye. To make your interactions more open and genuine, upload your photo and increase your chances of finding your other half.

Only Spark goes beyond other dating apps. Dating isn't the only thing we focus on. Use our app for what you want most: a serious relationship, good conversations, or even finding a traveling companion. The app can help you find a husband or wife, or the right partner for your most unusual hobbies and most exciting plans. Only Spark is the best way to meet people online for free.

Download our app and let us help and guide you on your journey to the relationship of your dreams.

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