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Ethereum Blast - Earn ETH v3.0.2 APK (Dinero Ilimitado)

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Your journey into the ether space begins here! The next iteration in crypto earning games has arrived, this time with an Ethereum theme!

Ethereum Blast is a new and exhilarating match-2 game where you'll be taken on an adventure of starry proportions. The first Ethereum themed game that lets you earn real Ethereum.

Take your Ethereum matching skills to the moon in this boundless cosmic quest. With this classic match-2 game, you'll elevate to new heights as you make your way through hundreds of Ethereum themed levels.

In each celestial Ethereum packed mission it's your job to break like-colored Ethereum element stones in order to collect the targeted items found in the top right corner. Each mission will provide you with different targets to collect in order to progress to the next mission.

To collect the targets, you must match a minimum of 2 like-colored stones to clear them from the board and make way for new stones while clearing the path to collect your targeted Ethereum items. Throughout the game you can earn mesmerizing space themed power-ups that will help make it easier for you to collect the targeted items.

Ethereum Blast features irreverent space creatures, explosive power-ups, and luminous stones. Most importantly, Ethereum Blast lets you earn Bling Points which you can cash-out for fractions of crypto.

*BE ADVISED: It takes a long time to earn enough Bling Points to cash out for a meaningful amount of Ethereum. Most users earn an amount that is only worth a fraction of one cent (USD).*

We've now added a PayPal cashout option! You can choose to cash out your Bling Points to USD via PayPal, providing you with even more flexibility. For the PayPal cashout option, you'll need a valid PayPal account.

Crypto earning capabilities
Strategic Match-2 Puzzles
Worm monsters, space plants, swirling planets, atomic fire blades
Unique boosters
Hundreds of Levels
Colorful Space Shattering Combos
Ethereum Theme
Exhilarating, Iconic, Alluring Adventures
Cashout your Bling Points for Bitcoin via Coinbase or USD via PayPal!

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