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■ Overview

This is a timer application that can measure and count down the time spent on each question when solving past questions for people who are preparing for various tests such as entrance exams and certification exams.

■ Features

* Registration of multiple exams
* Change the target time for a specific question number
* Countdown timer for the entire exam and for each question
* Sound and vibration notifications when the target time for the entire exam or each question has expired
* Change the order in which questions are solved
* Display of measurement history
* Save the results of answer matching

■ How to use

1) enter the exam name, number of questions, and exam time
2) click "Start" button to begin.
3) solve the questions, and click "Next" button after each question. 4.
4) click the "Finish" button when you have finished all the questions.
5) look at the results and see which questions are taking a long time, so you can work on them.

◆ Recommended for ◆

* Those who are preparing for entrance exams, qualification exams, mid-term exams, and final exams.
* Those who are studying to solve past exams.
* Students who know the time and number of questions.

■ Differences from normal timers:

* The time for the entire exam and the time for each question can be measured simultaneously in a countdown format.
* You can save your measurement history so that you can view it anytime you want.
* You can register the results of your answers, so you can look back on the percentage of correct answers.
* The order in which questions are solved can be determined in real time (see below)

Start with the third question.

(2 minutes later)

Change to the sixth question, which seems easier because it seems to be taking longer.

After solving the 6th problem, I start the 3rd problem again.

Count down from the 2 minutes that have elapsed before.

You can do something like this.

◆ Motivation for making this app ◆

If you have ever had the experience that you spent too much time on a particular problem in an exam and could not solve the whole problem before the time was up, this is the app for you.
I made this app to help those who have had such experiences and want to study and simulate with time in mind.
Of course, the exam is not something that can be solved by just being conscious of time, but I hope this will be of some help to you.

If you find a bug or have a request for more support, please send e-mail to [email protected].

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