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Welcome to all fashionistas! to the ultimate fashion paradise, where you can explore your inner stylist and create astounding looks fit for royal fashion, Indian weddings, and high-fashion dress-up runways. Indulge yourself in captivating melodies that accompany you as soon as you enter the fashion world. With every click, the excitement builds to achieve the best status among the best in the glamorous fashion world. Start your summer 2024 fashionista career, and initiate your style adventure with a seamless transition through our girly fashion game. Preparing the scene for fashion spectacles, now conveniently stored in your phone for sharing with your besties.
Choose from three of these mesmerizing modes:
-The gloriously delicate royal dress-up and make-up mode
-The lively and energetic colors of Indian dress-up mode
-The latest and vigorous 2024 summer fashion dress-up mode.
Enter the magical world of baby girl princesses. Each mode offers a unique canvas to explore your creativity, allowing you to mix and match dresses, hairstyles, make-up, jewelry, and accessories to give the best bridal and doll dress-up.
Exciting features of this game are:
Multi-Fashion Modes: Enjoy three delightful modes – Royal Dress Mode, Indian Wedding Dress-up Mode, and Fashion Dress-up Mode – each offering a unique theme and fashion experience.
Ceaseless Customization: Choose from diverse dresses, hairstyles, make-up, jewelry, and accessories to create your desired look.
Comprehensive Cosmetic Choices: From enchanting glam to assertive statements
express your inner stylist with a vast make-up choice for your royal princess
Charming Melody: Immerse yourself in the exquisite melodies that escort every moment of your bride's modeling journey. Be it an Indian or royal princess
Contest against AI: Challenge yourself against a worthy opponent.
Realistic Fashion Rivalry: Await the final judgment, Will you come out as a supreme
designer or graciously accept defeat?
Captivating Visuals: Experience stunning graphics and visuals that bring the fashion world to life on your screen.
Share Your Innovations: Share your dazzling fashion creations with your friends
Convenient and Addictive Game play: Dive into the heart of the action with easy-to-use controls that will keep you coming back for more fashion fun
After perfecting every single detail of your troupe by dressing them up. It's time to give the finishing touches with your vast and all-inclusive make-up option in this glamorous fashion world. From ultra-fine captivating glam to bold statements, reflect your style through the look of your model and transform your avatar into a true fashion icon.
But wait, the fun doesn't end there! Go up against your arch-rival. Challenge your fashion skills against your worthy opponent, who is fully fancy-up in their jazzy fashion world. Your opponent acquires a sense of all cultural, classy, and trendy fashion. They have a great experience in Doll make-over and are known for their bridal dress-up. They will give you a tough time in Indian, Royal, and Fashion runway dress-up and make-up.
Capture all the bridal, royal, and cutting-edge trendy fashion with a single click and let the world know about your inner Doll make-over stylist.
With its charming game play, stunning visuals, endless customization options, and seamless transitions with a beautiful melody. Fashionista offers an immersive fashion experience like no other. Download our DIY dress-up game customized to target all ages and unleash your inner fashionista on the runway of your dreams! Make your fashion dream come to life with an exquisite virtual experience

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