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You're still struggling with your speaking even though you've studied Japanese for a long time?

You have high JLPT scores but you can't keep a conversation with a native speaker for more than 3 minutes?

It's a simple truth that most people just can't seem to get good at speaking Japanese.

The problem is we never get a chance to practice speaking because we've only focused on grammar and exams.


Aoi is an app that helps you get more comfortable speaking Japanese out loud by letting you practice speaking out loud more than any existing method.

Aoi process is simple:

1. Introduce you to Real Japanese that is essential to every day Japanese conversations
2. Practice real scripts written by Japanese people.
3. Simulate real situations where you'd actually use it

Whenever you're using Aoi, you'll be speaking a ton — and the app will always be listening and providing feedback to make sure you fix mistakes.

Just like if you were learning how to swim, you'd go in a pool instead of reading a swimming book, if you want to get good at Speaking Japanese, you're gonna have to start actually speaking and do it every day! Aoi makes this realistic.

Aoi has 5 features that help learners improve Japanese speaking skills.

(1) Free Conversation: Aoi, equipped with ChatGPT and optimized for Japanese, can engage in role-playing conversations with learners in various scenarios, ensuring you excel in real-life Japanese communication.

(2) Pronunciation Correction: With the most advanced voice recognition AI, it can instantly judge and correct learners' pronunciation, making your Japanese accent closer to that of native speakers.

(3) Intelligent Prompts: When you are at a loss for words, Aoi can provide three options of what to say now, as well as create your own dialogue through translation features.

(4) Grammar Suggestions: Aoi will give grammar corrections and suggestion on your dialogue content, allowing you to effectively correct your oral mistakes.

(5) Rich Courses: Aoi covers 1000+ themed courses, including travel, life, work, interviews, and various scenarios, to meet a variety of learning application needs.

Aoi allows you to practice Japanese speaking effortlessly and without pressure. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming trip to Japan, or for a smooth life and work in Japan, Aoi can provide you with the most complete and practical conversation content.

By learning Japanese speaking with Aoi, you can practice dialogue anytime, anywhere, without pressure, making speaking Japanese a part of your life.

Terms: http://japanese-speak.com/term
Privacy: http://japanese-speak.com/privacy
3D Model: Karin(あまとうさぎ), Komano(ひゅうがなつみかん), Gaku(星ワタリノ空)

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