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LED Scrolling Text Display Mod App Detalles

This app gives you a realistic simulation of dot matrix LED text display on the full screen of your smartphone / tablet. You can adjust the matrix row count, and choose bitmap font or size that gives you the best outlook of characters. You can change the color and shape of the LEDs, as well as tuning their size, glow spread and brightness. And you can make the text blinking or scrolling in your desired way and speed.
You can use it as a LED scroller, ticker, banner or message board in concerts, parties, gatherings, celebrations, demonstrations, station/airport pickup or in situations where visual display is the preferred way of delivering your message.

- up to 3 lines of dot matrix text of arbitrary length
- matrix row count adjust
- selectable bitmap font & size of 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / max.
- dot shape select: circle / square
- dot size, glow spread, brightness adjust
- full range led color select
- wobbling for long text display
- blinking with rate adjust
- scrolling left / right / up / down with speed adjust
- save text and settings for recall
- save & share LED image
- (Android 5+ only) save & share LED animation video
- listing of all saved text items
- per item operations:
(press '...' icon or long press on the desired item)
play animation / show only / edit /
save image / save video / share image / share video /
- can be used as LED scroller, banner, blinker,
sign board, screen, panel, glow text generator
with adjustable light effect

Consent form will be presented to users in EEA (European Economic Area) at the first launch to choose between personalized or non-personalized ads service, which is revisable in the option menu.

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