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Play Disturb anime love stories for free. Our game will give you unique feelings and immersion in the life of the main character, that is, you.

What is the game itself about? Now you will find out everything!

- Play your way
Disturb has a unique interactive story system with dynamic story selection and chat elements. When communicating on the phone, you will have to become a chat master to get a girl. You choose which path of history with a girl you want to follow. Do you want to go to the magical world or an ordinary hospital? The choice is yours.

- Beautiful and bright graphics
In this game you won't get tired of looking at a boring picture. You will be taken to more than 150 locations with beautiful and dynamic anime graphics throughout the game.

- Unique mechanics
In our game, as you progress through the story, you won't just click on the screen! You will need to play mini games, do actions and sometimes just wait for some event right inside the story! There is also a musical pause mode between stories. For fans of nightcore (speed up) and slowed (reverb) remixes, the music can be improved by effects from the store.

- Waifu to your taste
We have a choice of your waifu, which one you like and spend time with! Each hot girl has her own unique character and your task is to pick up this beauty. You will even have to fight for the girl with other guys, I think you will succeed. Each friend has a separate story!

Kelcey is a forest herbalist who knows a lot about another enchanted world, and she also knows the language of animals, especially loves beavers. Therefore, there is no need to disturb the beaver.

Miri is a club chick who has a rich husband and her own personal company, she is not as simple as she seems. She also has a friend Eva, who is also a beautiful chan, so be sure to come to the club.

Emma is a simple girl from the big city who works in an IT company, her boss has his eye on her! So don't waste time and get it for yourself.

Helda is a green-haired, athletic girl with a rather dark past. She has two brothers, Tyson and Caesar, they used to be gopniks, but they seem to have reformed.

Ulyssa is already an adult schoolgirl or student, call it what you like. She studies mathematics and knows what she wants from life! And she wants to get to the World Mathematical Olympiad and become a winner.

These stories are already available right now, and are regularly updated to provide even more content!

If you liked it, run and download it)

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