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Congratulations, you've just been invited to join the most prestigious boarding school in the country! At first glance, it seems like your wildest dreams come true—amazing facilities, luxurious dorms, and your fellow students are certainly easy on the eyes! But you soon discover they are concealing a dark secret…

Nocturnal classes? Suspicious red beverages at dinner? It turns out your new school is actually intended for vampires, and you've just been tasked with becoming an ambassador for all humanity! You'll have to keep your true identity a secret if you want to avoid becoming a midnight snack, although with friends as attractive as these ones, maybe that wouldn't be so bad…

Can you negotiate the pitfalls of life and love with your neck intact, or will your classmates bleed you dry?

Sink your fangs into Moonlight Dormitory!


Introducing Altair — The Unruly Rockstar

A brooding rebel armed with a guitar, this underground band vocalist has a tongue as sharp as his temper can be fiery. His intense dislike of humans makes being assigned your bodyguard especially torturous, so it's little wonder you're often at each other's throats. Still, Altair manages to keep you safe long enough to glimpse some vulnerability, particularly through his songs. Could there be a tender side beneath the brash frontman persona he assumes?

Introducing Solomon — The Stoic Protector

An enigma in the eyes of many, Solomon is an authority in his expertise on vampire lore. He much prefers the company of books to the bustle of school life, with a passion for researching the arcane matched only by his prowess in swordsmanship. All the more intriguing that he appears to have taken a keen interest in your survival, emerging from the shadows whenever you're in trouble. Could his attention stem from more than mere academic curiosity?

Introducing Janus — The Charming Benefactor

Elegant and refined, Janus is a model student in every sense of the word. As the president of the student council, he's proactive when it comes to helping a new student like you adjust to life at Scarlet Hills. With his encouragement, you soon find purpose in serving the student body, but his kindness is so endearing that you can't help but wonder what his true motives might be. What secrets lurk beyond the immaculate mask he shows the world?

Introducing Karolle — The Killer Queen Bee

No one else in the academy can turn heads quite like Karolle. Your new roommate is the resident ‘it girl' on campus, striding the hallways with a charm and confidence you might envy if she wasn't so tirelessly determined to be your best friend. Despite your admiration for her, odd moments now and then begin to fuel suspicions that this moonlit siren might be leading to ruin. Can you afford to trust her with all your heart in this den of vipers?

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