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You CANNOT watch movies & TV shows in this app!

MyShows is the perfect tracking app for tracking the TV shows & movies you've watched, connecting with others, and discovering what to watch next. We have an extensive database of TV shows, episodes, actors, and films, along with unique user ratings. MyShows provides you with all the necessary tools to track the movies & TV shows you watch and share this experience with others.

Key Features of MyShows:
1. Tracking Watched TV Shows & Movies:
- Mark the episodes & movies you have watched to remember what you've already seen.
- Rate films & episodes, helping other users find quality content through reviews.
- Add movies & series to watch lists to keep track of interesting new releases.
- Receive reminders about premieres & new episodes so you always stay informed.
- Add favorite series & episodes to Favorites for quick access.
- Track viewing statistics to see how much time you've spent watching.
2. Helping You Decide What to Watch and Where:
- Use personalized recommendations based on your ratings and viewing history. Our TV shows tracker will help to find movies & TV shows that you'll love.
- Add release schedule of episodes to calendar with reminders or use the built-in calendar in the app.
- Directly go to official online theaters for watching desired episodes & films without wasting time searching.
- Read our themed collections like "What to Watch This Week" and original news on movies & series for staying updated on new releases and popular shows.
- Follow friends' feed to see what they are watching and find new titles.
3. MyShows Community:
- Engage in the comments, share your opinions on movies & TV shows.
- Add community members as friends and follow their viewing activities to always know what they're watching and what they like.
- Rate other users' comments, expressing support or disagreement, and participate in discussions.
- Use the "find a friend" feature for connection with like-minded viewers.
4. Personal Profile on MyShows:
- Earn awards and participate in contests to make your experience with MyShows even more enjoyable.
- Create personal lists to always have a handy collection of movies & TV shows.
- Transfer your viewing marks if you switch devices or want to sync data across different platforms.
- Create tier lists for ranking favorite series.

Why Choose MyShows?
MyShows is more than just a tracking app for monitoring movies & TV shows. It's a comprehensive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for cinema, television, and anime. We offer unique tools for creating lists, tracking views, and discovering new content. Our database is regularly updated so you can always find the latest information on new films & TV releases.

Additionally, we provide detailed statistics on your viewing habits, allowing to analyze your preferences and discover new genres and directions. With MyShows, it's impossible to miss the premiere of a new episode or the release of a long-awaited movie.

Join MyShows today and start tracking your favorite films, TV shows, and anime series. Create lists, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and always stay up-to-date with the latest in the world of cinema and television. MyShows is your personal TV tracker for movies, TV shows, and anime, making viewing experience even more enjoyable and organized.

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