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Hey there, Future Schoolmate!
Welcome to Pepi School, where the learning never stops and the fun never ends! Step into the life of education and create your stories by attending your favourite classes, having fun with your classmates or decorating classroom of your choice.
Sports Space:
Unleash your inner athlete in our outdoor sports classroom! We encourage teamwork and staying active, whether you're kicking it on the soccer field or finding your zen on the yoga mat. So grab a ball or strike a pose, because our interactive environment makes sports seriously fun!
Learning Hub:
Discover school's main classroom and prepare for a wild adventure of education and laughter! From learning math through puzzles and engaging mini-games to getting crafty with origami, every lesson in this classroom is an adventure waiting to happen. And if you need to relax after a brain exercise, we've prepared the latest tech gadgets, books, and board games for you to have a chill time with your classmates.
Nature Zone:
Ready to explore the great classroom of outdoors? The Nature area is where it's at! From learning how to nurture plant in our greenhouse, grow fruits and vegetables in the garden to participating in the snail race (yep, you read that right)! Become a part of a scout group for exciting outdoor adventures filled with cosy campfires, marshmallow delights, and the intriguing mystery of a cute bigfoot hiding among the trees.
Customise Your School:
This school is all about making it your own! Decorate each classroom with unique stickers, posters, and let your creativity run wild as you dress your characters in stylish sportswear and vibrant accessories for the big school match day.
Keep the Education Fun:
At Pepi School, we believe in combining learning with laughter to create an interesting and joyful educational experience. Dive into our world of diverse activities and characters to create your own stories and celebrate our differences. Through gameplay, we aim to spread a positive outlook on education, inclusion, and diversity to inspire a lifelong passion for knowledge.
Key Features:
• Seamlessly blend interactive education with entertainment.
• From sports to math classroom, gardening to the arts, we've got something for everyone.
• Meet over 20 inclusive and imaginative characters.
• Immerse yourself in themed school areas that reflect real-life environments to create your school stories.
• Stay tuned for exciting updates as school expands with new classrooms, activities, and characters!
Everyone is cool at Pepi School! So, what are you waiting for? Join your new classmates, and let's create some memories together!
Can't wait to see you at school!

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