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Welcome to Plantiary, your AI Plant Assistant and Botany Chatbot, designed to revolutionize plant care, plant identification, and plant treatments. Our Plant Identifier and Plant Care Reminder offer you a multitude of options to nurture your plants, identify mushrooms, and even identify insects that might be affecting your plants.

Use our Plant Identification feature to scan your plant, identify mushrooms in your garden, or even identify insects that might be harming your plants. Set up and create your own garden, each with their unique needs! Now, diagnosing your plants' diseases and curing them with our plant treatments is easier than ever with our comprehensive plant care guides.

Plant Identification and Mushroom Identification have never been this efficient! Scan your plants using our AI-powered plant identifier, add them to your indoor garden, and monitor their watering and care needs. Our plant identification feature is here to help you set up your garden effortlessly!

Plant Identifier and Insect Identifier
Use our advanced identification technology, powered by machine learning, to identify your plant pals, mushrooms, and insects! Scan, let us recognize your plant, and we'll set up quick presets for you to take care of it. Our Flower Identifier is here to help you identify your plants and set up your garden quickly!

Diagnose Plant Problems and Apply Plant Treatments
Plantiary is more than just a plant identifier; it's an instant plant scan and diagnosis app that helps you identify and cure your struggling plants with our plant treatments. Upload photos of your garden plants, mushrooms, and insects, and get information on how to care for your plants better! It's like having a botany chatbot in your pocket!

Quickly Add
Search your plant's type, identify mushrooms, or identify insects and add them instantly to your garden companion! With our plant identification feature, adding plants to your garden has never been easier.

Set up preferred watering, fertilizing, or rotating reminders for your plants, and our AI plant assistant will remind you when to care!

Add your plants, mushrooms, or insects to the list with their pictures or choose one of our prepared images, making it easier to identify which one needs care.

Location Options
When adding new plants, there's a section about their locations. You can name the location, grouping your plants and making it easier to care for those in different locations.

Track your plant care history and never mistakenly water them too soon again!

Our botany chatbot provides enough tips for you to care for your green friends, either in-app or with user-friendly notifications.

Add notes while caring for your plants!
Add personalized notes to each of your garden plants and set separate reminders to take care of your plants better.

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