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Psychology Books Free app is presented to you by books house.

This psychology app will help you with your education or interest on the subject, as the books features some amazing psychology articles and lectures from leading psychologists. You can read on your phone and tab as per your choice and comfort.

You'll find authentic psychology facts and knowledge from the books written by some great experts of the subject.

Whether you are taking a psychology course or just interested in learning about human psychology – this app can serve you well.

You can access all the great psychology ebooks in english within the app totally free of cost, and you won't need internet connection once you make the download, as this app is completely offline.

This psychology learning app can also help you to understand human mind, your psychology classes or make psychological diagnosis.

Take a look at some of the books in the Psychology Books Free app:

* Group Psychology and The Analysis of The Ego
* Applied Psychology for Nurses
* Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners
* How to Analyze People on Sight
* THE Analysis of Mind
* The Trained Memory
- and more.

When it comes to ebooks, we usually use pdf, epub, mobi or some other formats. These formats require a third party app to read the books, and you'd need to search and download the books separately. In this app, you'll get all the books in one place, and the reading experience will be excellent. Take a look at some of the key features of our application:

* Bookmark option
* Easy navigation from chapter to chapter
* Books start where you leave off
* Changeable font size (Small, Medium, and Large)
* White page/ Dark/ Yellow Page reading modes

If you'd like some great books about mind for free featuring authentic facts and knowledge – download and install this app. It will serve you well.

Copyright Disclaimer:

All the psychology books in the app were published before 1923, thus, they are protected by the United States copyright law. They are collected from and under the license of Project Gutenberg ( They are free to use for everyone located in USA. If you are located outside USA, please check the copyright law of your country.

Also, the images associated in the app are also open source or public domain material.

We are not charging anything from any user of this Psychology Books Free app.

Let us know how you've enjoyed using our app. Have a great day.

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