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Science Master is the ultimate science quiz game, boasting an extensive collection of over 9500 science questions. Dive into the world of science and enhance your knowledge with this app. Explore 1500+ scientific terms, each accompanied by definitions and context to facilitate your daily learning journey. By completing our quizzes, you'll gain a profound understanding of scientific terminologies and concepts, boosting your confidence in the subject.

How To Play
Engage in thrilling quizzes, each consisting of 5 unique questions. To unlock the next challenge, ensure you answer all questions correctly. Collect coins as you master the quizzes or acquire them by watching rewarded videos – these coins can be used for valuable hints. Our available hints include:
★ Fifty-Fifty (Remove two wrong options) ✅❌
★ Majority Votes ️
★ Expert Opinion

Game Categories/Topics
Science Master covers a diverse range of science categories and topics to cater to all interests:
1) Physics (1410 questions, 141 quizzes)
2) Applied Physics (400 questions, 40 quizzes)
3) Chemistry (1510 questions, 151 quizzes)
4) Applied Chemistry (500 questions, 50 quizzes)
5) Biology (2110 questions, 211 quizzes)
6) Environmental (100 questions, 10 quizzes)
7) Geology (350 questions, 35 quizzes)
8) General Science (1580 questions, 158 quizzes)
9) Technology (800 questions, 80 quizzes)
10) Earth (850 questions, 85 quizzes)

Offline Quizzes
Science Master doesn't require an internet connection for accessing quizzes. You can delve into the world of science anytime, anywhere.

Game Features
Experience a range of outstanding features:
★ 1000+ science quizzes
★ 9500+ multiple-choice questions ❓❓
★ Access all quizzes offline
★ 1500+ scientific words with definitions
★ All categories are unlocked, allowing you to practice your favorite topics
★ A helpful hint system (Fifty-Fifty, Majority Votes, Expert Opinion)
★ Earn free coins after successfully solving quizzes
★ Learn a new word every day
★ Receive daily notifications introducing you to a new word
★ Save your favorite words to build your science vocabulary
★ Compatibility with various screen sizes (mobiles & tablets)
★ A compact game size that doesn't burden your device

Start your science knowledge journey today with Science Master – the educational app that makes learning science engaging and fun!

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