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Solitaire Dog Rescue is a classic card game that combines Solitaire gameplay with rescuing stray dogs. It's completely free to play and can be enjoyed offline. Experience challenging and fun card games while rescuing many stray dogs to create your own paradise!

- Rich scenes and adorable dogs
We currently have 6 major themes with over 20 scenes, each featuring hundreds of dogs waiting for your help, including Golden Retrievers, Corgis, Labradors, Bulldogs, and various other breeds, each with its own personality and characteristics. Enjoy heartwarming moments with different dogs in uniquely themed scenes!

- Zodiac Monthly Challenges
In addition to classic card games, there are monthly Zodiac-themed challenging card games to train your brain by completing daily challenges. Earn exclusive Zodiac-themed dogs by completing the constellation challenges. New rewards are available every month!

- Additional rewards hidden in activities
We regularly hold fun events to make the game more exciting. Don't miss out on limited-time events and instant surprises if you enjoy discovering new things. Participate in activities to interact with many fun dogs and potentially bring them back to your rescue shelter!

If you love classic card games and have a caring heart, you'll definitely enjoy this dog-themed classic patience card game. Don't hesitate, download now, and explore this amazing card game to participate in the rescue activities!

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