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Welcome to "Tap Arrow Out," an addictive arrow elimination game. Here, you'll find ultra-challenging game levels. Are you brave enough to attempt the challenge?

Simple Decompression Gameplay: Easily click on the arrows pointing outward to make them fly away. This is an easy-to-grasp game, requiring no complex maneuvers—just quick enjoyment!

Brain-Teasing Gameplay: Test your observation and wisdom! Change your perspective by sliding the screen, carefully observe the arrangement of blocks, and find the best elimination strategy. Each step requires caution, and each level presents a new puzzle waiting for your solution.

Rising Difficulty: Are you ready to embrace the challenge? We've meticulously designed high-difficulty levels that will put your intelligence and skills to the test. It's said that fewer than 1% of players can smoothly pass the second level! Dare you take on the challenge?

Exquisite Graphics: The game features exquisite 3D graphics that immerse you in the world of blocks, providing a lifelike sensation. There are also various cube skins waiting for you to collect, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience.

Come and download "Tap Arrow Out" now, challenge your wits, and enjoy a gaming experience that's simple yet full of fun! Can you become a top master of block flight? Download the game and begin your adventure now!

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