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"123 Wooden Men" hits hot! A simple and exciting challenge for the brave man.
There is also the classic "You paint and I guess", taking turns to draw and take turns to guess. The competition is not only talent and painting skills, but also brain and imagination.
In toki, play with players online, invite old friends into the room to play together, play and chat, relaxed and happy.

[123 wooden people, the challenge of the courageous]
123 wooden people, don't get caught! There is also a sugar poke game, which is a test of patience and courage.
[You paint, I guess, soul paints hands]
You come to paint, I will guess, if I can’t guess, I will lose! I'll paint, guess, I am the soul painter!
You can also share your paintings separately~
[Online game formation, smooth experience]
Online game formation, one-click entry, fast match, 30 seconds to start, bid farewell to the troubles of game appointments.
[Couple house, raising cats]
Build a mini nest with your friends, decorate it as you like, raise a few more cats, feed the cats, make fun of the cats, and dress up the cats at home as the cutest cats in the world. Just think about it and feel very happy~
[Sound matching, soul meets]
Match and recommend a voice of the opposite sex, maybe he/she sings, maybe he/she is greeting you, if you like it, please love, he/she also loves you, you can start chatting right away~
【Accumulate intimacy and certification relationship】
CP, friends, girlfriends, confidants, contract all your relationships.
The exclusive avatar frame, the colorful announcement of entering the house, and the privileges that can be enjoyed by intimate relationships are very tempting.
Chat, give gifts, play games, and accumulate the intimacy between you and TA~
Download toki, meet new friends, play games with old friends, and discover more interesting content!

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