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Where are you going to this weekend? If you don't want to stay at home, come to Tota Life: Family Resort vacation!
Three beautiful and warm rooms, whichever style you choose, you will definitely scream with joy!

Brother and sister room - If you live with your brother or sister, I recommend a sibling room! Different color room types and colors will make people have a sense of freshness! The older brother's room is more mechanical, and the younger sister's room is more warm and lovely. You can also practice boxing together, practice yoga, come back to have a rest after playing tired outside.

Cartoon room - Big and small cartoon toys, all over the room. If you are a cartoon fan, you must stay here! The room is also prepared for you a variety of quadratic clothing, hipster essential!

Deluxe Business Room - If you are busy at work, then come to family resort and enjoy a vacation. Compared to the other two rooms, This one must be the largest and most spacious one! Open kitchen to meet your food needs for whole day. Even if you do not go outside, sitting on the spacious and beautiful balcony, facing the sea, the mood is still very beautiful.

On weekends or holidays, if you are really bored at home, come to Tota Family Resort. Experience different rooms every day, parents and kids all will love it!
More and more fun places are being developed in the resort.

Dress Up Hall
You can create your own characters and let them be friends or family. Make your favorite eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles and so on. Then a new friend will be borned!

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Maybe your idea will come true in our next game!

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