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A fun little GAME based on Windows 10 systems.
Explore your computer and discover many hidden easters eggs and achievements, can you get them all?

For more help and information, visit: http://malgow.net/Windows10Simulator
or, talk to me on discord!: https://discord.com/invite/gdu7dZk

How To Play:

Activating Windows
STEP 1: Launch Simulation
STEP 2: Click the start menu
STEP 3: Click "Settings"
STEP 4: Enter code "110102"
STEP 5: Done!

Entering the Matrix
STEP 1: Activate Windows
STEP 2: Open the Recycle Bin
STEP 3: Launch "Matrix.exe"
STEP 4: Done!

Other Activation Codes
There are an array of activation codes, each doing different things.

CODE "110102": Activates Windows!
CODE "malgow": Spawns MALGOW themed errors (No special sound effects)
CODE "barrybones": Spawns Barrybones1 themed errors (Special sound effects included)
CODE "aaldd": Spawns aaldd themed errors (Special sound effects included)
CODE "discord": Spawns Discord themed errors (Special Sound effects included)
CODE "halloween": Activates the halloween easter egg (Check Recycle Bin after activating)

Other Easter Eggs and Achievements
There are still many other easter eggs to discover and achievements to collect. Be cool and hunt for them yourself, or, be a loser and follow the guide online at http://malgow.net/Windows10Simulator

*I have no affiliation with Microsoft, this app is just a game/parody.

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