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In the late 90s, a strange creature suddenly appeared in all cities, no one knew where it originated. Those creatures are extremely ferocious, they attack, slaughter, and devour all nearby creatures and seem sensitive to water. In particular, those whom they attack will quickly transform and show symptoms similar to that creature.

You must unite and improve your soldiers to withstand the hordes of wandering dead and restore some kind of order. Learn how to use tactical maneuvers and fight hard to ensure their survival. Will you have the courage to finish the game and divulge the zombie game's secret?

Welcome to Zombie Warfare: The Death Path, never before has the creep rush been so vicious; these encounters will make an enduring impression on you.

- The wandering dead attack in waves at a fast speed at each level, testing your reflexes and strategic thinking.
- Lots of special weaponry, extra effects, and heroes with numerous special abilities.
- Attacked humans or animals will quickly become infectious with identical behavior to those creatures.

How to play:
- Build a squad with particular unit combinations to activate team powers, which are specialized effects that change how tower defense games play out.
- With the help of our quest-driven Chapters component, go on an exciting trip via compelling storylines and tough zombie tactics fights.
- Idle defense with automatic mode, tap cards to summon mighty warriors.

Download Zombie Warfare: The Death Path now and get ready to battle for survival in this strategy game. The war on zombies is on.

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